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Adobe fixes critical flaws in Flash Player, delays Reader and Acrobat updates

The new Flash Player update patches 12 vulnerabilities, many of which could allow remote code execution

Better patch Flash: 'Rosetta Flash' attack can steal site cookies

A new proof-of-concept attack exploits a bug in Adobe Flash that allows stealing of user credentials across websites

Flash and Java still as vulnerable as ever, says Microsoft

Microsoft's latest Security Intelligence Report for the second half of 2013 sees Java and Flash as the top attack vectors, with Java being nearly the default

Adobe patches a critical flaw in Flash Player and AIR shown at Pwn2Own contest

Adobe Systems addressed two remote code execution flaws, including one demonstrated at the Pwn2Own hacking competition last month

Adobe patches two important vulnerabilities in Flash Player

The vulnerabilities don't allow remote code execution, but can be exploited to bypass other security restrictions

Adobe Flash: Insecure, outdated, and here to stay

Given its lax security and incompatibility with mobile, Flash should be gone -- but it lingers for reasons that are tough to get past

JavaScript killed the Flash player plug-in star

Mozilla's Shumway project promises to eliminate Flash plug-ins, replace them with pure HTML5/JavaScript-based solution

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