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Why APIs beat proxies for cloud security

Cloud access security brokers that take an API approach can provide more comprehensive security without impacting network performance


Big data will fix internet security ... eventually

Security analytics have been with us for a while, but with the latest tech, it's much easier to detect malicious attacks

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Printer security: Is your company's data really safe?

IT managers have found that printers can pose major cybersecurity risks -- assuming they pay any attention to them at all

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You too? Who's on the hacker hit list

You don’t need to carry the keys to the enterprise network to have a malicious hacker tail you. Here’s who’s at risk and what to do about it

5 simple steps to controlling cloud access

How IT can bring order and accountability to public cloud usage without getting in the way of progress

Computer monitor with pixelated locks for security breach

Symantec fixes high-risk flaws in Symantec Endpoint Protection

Security tools can have vulnerabilities and need regular patching, too

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Companies and rights activists should unite to support data flows

The digital trade provisions in the TPP oppose cross-border constraints on data flows. Free and open digital trade will benefit companies and their workers, but it will also benefit human rights advocates who oppose government...

5 steps to secure cloud access for enterprises

The road to the cloud for large companies is paved with an identity integration and federation layer; let this be your guide

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5 tips to protect your admin credentials

Credentials are the main battlefront in our ongoing computer security war. Deploy everything you have to keep them safe

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U.S. Congress to federal agencies: You have two weeks to tally your backdoored Juniper kit

The House of Representatives wants to gauge the impact of the recent Juniper ScreenOS backdoors on government departments and agencies

partner and adapt

Low-code development meets fine-grained security

With rapid application development platforms like Intuit QuickBase, role-based access controls are just a few clicks away

Bug exposes OpenSSH servers to brute-force password guessing attacks

The keyboard-interactive authentication setting could allow for thousands of password retries, a researcher found

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How to stop the security breach tsunami

If you haven’t deployed a user-based analytics program, you are not doing all you can to catch data thieves and prevent security breaches

Microsoft gives Outlook for iOS, Android enhanced management features

The mobile email app will now allow sysadmins to control use of corporate data on mobile devices

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Do departed employees haunt your networks?

Many companies have ghosts: employees who've gone on to a better place but are still wandering through company files, cloud services, and social media accounts

The best way to protect passwords may be creating fake ones

Research project NoCrack creates plausible decoy password vaults to confuse attackers

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