Archives: March 2009

MTV Networks rocks the cloud with open APIs

March 30, 2009
MTV Networks is tapping cloud computing to expand its content delivery and open up APIs to customers and partners
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Faux cloud wars: A zero-sum game

March 23, 2009
When a bunch of cloud computing providers concoct a "war game" to help you decide whether to opt for the cloud, guess how it turns out?
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One of cloud computing's best practical apps is community building

March 16, 2009
Community organizers can find instant gratification in the cloud for almost every event coordination urge.
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How cloud computing hurts venture capitalism

March 09, 2009
Now that Web startups have easy access to cheap cloud-based infrastructure, who needs venture capitalists?
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Is cloud computing inherently evil?

March 01, 2009
Electronic Frontier Foundation chairman Brad Templeton weighs in on the dark side of cloud computing
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