A farewell to clouds

July 27, 2009
I've really enjoyed writing for you for the past 7 months, but it's time for me to do a little less writing about cloud computing and a whole lot more working in the cloud
, Cloud Computing
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Whom does the Google Chrome OS really threaten?

July 20, 2009
Microsoft, Apple, and Linux may be reacting to Google's new Chrome operating system, but the real targets are you and your privacy
IaaS, SaaS
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Do dark terms of service signal storm clouds?

July 13, 2009
Some IT pros are taking advantage of cloud computing, but without reading the terms of service agreement
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Will Larry Ellison eat his words on cloud computing?

June 29, 2009
Analysts are speculating that Oracle's chief is reconsidering cloud computing, but I suspect it's just more of his infamous bash-to-embrace technique
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Will lawyers ruin cloud computing?

June 22, 2009
Looming legal battles over privacy, security, regulation, and intellectual property have the potential to steal cloud computing's thunder
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Boston ballers tap the cloud

June 15, 2009
When the Celtics couldn't stand their aging e-mail infrastructure anymore, they looked to the cloud to score a new solution
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Will 'enterprise data clouds' reinvent data warehouses?

June 08, 2009
Greenplum looks to use commoditized hardware to manage multiple warehouses, jumping into a cloud trend
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Computer Sciences Corp. does cloud computing

June 01, 2009
A new consulting group headed by R. Lemuel Lasher and a three-pronged attack on competitors led by Brian Boruff may make CSC a real player in the cloud
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The battle between public and private clouds

May 25, 2009
When companies start building private clouds, will cloud providers eventually lose out?
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High school kids put their heads in the cloud

May 18, 2009
Minnesota's "Online High School" puts the cloud to work delivering virtual desktops to students on the wrong side of the digital divide
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