A call to arms: IT must prepare for datacenter regulation

June 24, 2009
Datacenter operators must unite to prevent senseless regulations limiting CO2 emissions
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7 green technologies poised for success

June 18, 2009
Forrester picks seven green IT 1.0 offerings that will flourish -- and one whose future is less bright
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Telepresence branches out beyond the boardroom

June 11, 2009
From universities to medical providers, organizations are realizing benefits from the lifelike telepresence experience
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Green servers cropping up all over

June 04, 2009
Energy-saving, Earth-friendlier green features are becoming standard in server hardware from HP, Dell, and more
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Companies ready to invest more in green IT

May 28, 2009
A worldwide survey conducted by Symantec reveals that most businesses view green tech as central to their environmental aspirations
, Symantec
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Energy Star for servers is merely a first step

May 21, 2009
The government spec doesn't care how well a server performs beyond idle nor how many cores a processor has
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Xerox takes wasteful cartridges out of print picture

May 14, 2009
ColorQube ink-stick technology yields significant environmental and cost advantages over laser printing
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California launches green IT effort with smart IT

May 07, 2009
State government leverages automated discovery and a comprehensive asset database to assess energy consumption and associated emissions from 50,000 hardware devices
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Manufacturer support policies impede PC reuse

April 30, 2009
Budget-conscious businesses and cash-strapped nonprofits complain that they can't get vendor support for preexisting problems in older PCs
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Citi reaps savings from world's first LEED Platinum datacenter

April 27, 2009
Virtualization, free cooling, modular design, and other techniques help company earn 70 percent savings on energy
Green IT
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