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Disney World highlights green IT in new Epcot exhibit

January 29, 2010
SmarterPlanet features a green data center -- and doubles as an IBM ad
, Cloud Computing, IBM
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iPad, typically, is Apple green

January 27, 2010
Apple has proven itself environmentally sensitive in the way it designs its machines, and the iPad is no exception
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Syracuse University enlists DC power, liquid cooling for Green Data Center

January 27, 2010
Funded in part by IBM and public dollars, GDC will produce all its power on-site
Green IT, IBM
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Intel plans eight new solar power installations

January 25, 2010
Intel now tops EPA's Green PowerPartner List -- though Dell stands out for buying more green power than it needs
, Dell, Intel
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Facebook boldly predicts PUE of 1.15 for future data center

January 22, 2010
Using energy-saving techniques such as free cooling, Facebook's first data center could be among world's greenest
, Facebook, Google
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Apple's green enough without another layer of bureaucracy

January 20, 2010
Apple rightly resists pressure to create a sustainability board and spew out even more reports
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Green IT outgrows the box

January 13, 2010
Green IT has evolved well beyond hardware components and datacenter walls
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Don't expect Google to power your toaster

January 11, 2010
Search giant's FERC application to buy and sell wholesale energy is mainly about cost containment
, Google
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Where are the green phones at CES 2010?

January 06, 2010
Green once again is being pushed at CES, but this year's offerings leave much to be desired
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