Green Grid offers choices for measuring data center efficiency

July 20, 2010
Group breaks PUE into four categories, ranging from quick and flexible to granular and precise
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Green IT in high demand among IT buyers

July 14, 2010
Although interest in environmental stewardship has waned, companies continue to eye green IT to cut costs
Green IT
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Research: Telecommuters with flex time can handle 50 percent more work

June 03, 2010
Untethered workers at IBM crank out 19 more hours than nine-to-fivers before feeling work-life imbalance
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HP: Cow poop can make data centers greener

May 20, 2010
Colocating dairy farms and data centers creates an unusual opportunity for a symbiosis
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Greenpeace: Take a page from your paper-waste playbook

May 10, 2010
Conferences may not be fully virtual for a while -- but surely they can use less paper
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GreenNet 2010: Google shares its green data center secrets

April 29, 2010
Search giant uses batteries in place of UPS hardware for higher efficiency
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GreenNet 2010: IT can cut global carbon emissions by 7.8 gigatons

April 29, 2010
For technology to truly achieve its environmental benefits, organizations need to abandon stale practices
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Green IT means making the most of what we've got

March 31, 2010
Green IT is not a product available off the shelf, but requires planning, policies, and precious human resources
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Energy Star for data centers has bright sides, dark sides

March 24, 2010
Though overly broad, rating system will encourage measurement and efficiency
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Advances in modularity enable on-the-fly PC upgrades

March 17, 2010
Vendors are slowly developing features to extend the life of machines and components
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