7 patent reforms the White House should have proposed

June 07, 2013
The president's follow-up to his frank condemnation of patent trolls is welcome, but we need more
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Google's VP8 codec license is OK after all

May 31, 2013
Google caused confusion with talk of patents, but it turns out company's VP8 video codec is safe for open source use
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Ubuntu 'superphone' needs a superstrategy

May 24, 2013
In an interview, community manager Jono Bacon reveals strength -- and risk -- of Canonical's bold challenge to Google and Apple
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Google's open video proposal closes door on software freedom

May 17, 2013
Google/MPEG-LA deal showed promise, but Google's requirement for user licenses may bring a backlash
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Here's to 20 years of the Web -- may it stay open and free

May 10, 2013
CERN first made available the Web's source code 20 years ago. We can still learn from that spirit of openness today
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The Linux desktop is already the new normal

May 03, 2013
We're so busy seeking release from Windows that we overlooked all the ways Linux had already freed us
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Oracle's closed approach keeps Java at risk

April 26, 2013
Oracle's whack-a-mole with Java security follows a decade of technical debt. But why won't it turn to open source community for help?
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Forming a software foundation? Think again

April 19, 2013
Developers often think they must start a foundation for their successful open source efforts, but better options abound
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Defend your business from patent attacks

April 12, 2013
The big companies have armed themselves for the patent wars. Now ordinary businesses have their own defense with the Open Invention Network
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Nokia battles Google to kill open video

April 05, 2013
Nokia has made explicit its antipathy toward Google's open video format VP8, but the community can outflank Nokia's patent maneuvers
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