Forming a software foundation? Think again

April 19, 2013
Developers often think they must start a foundation for their successful open source efforts, but better options abound
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Defend your business from patent attacks

April 12, 2013
The big companies have armed themselves for the patent wars. Now ordinary businesses have their own defense with the Open Invention Network
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Nokia battles Google to kill open video

April 05, 2013
Nokia has made explicit its antipathy toward Google's open video format VP8, but the community can outflank Nokia's patent maneuvers
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LibreOffice on every desk: A 10-step plan

March 29, 2013
Document Foundation has good advice for companies migrating to open, interoperable document formats and open source tools
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Worried your cloud service will die? Get open source insurance

March 22, 2013
By killing Reader, Google may have done us a favor, focusing attention on the power of open standards and open source in protecting us against the whims of service providers
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Video codecs: The ugly business behind pretty pictures

March 15, 2013
Google's settlement with MPEG-LA is a fresh development in a decades-old story of software patents. Will it finally open video codec technology to open source developers?
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Why you should support the SHIELD act

March 08, 2013
Shocker! All sides of the debate agree the SHIELD Act offers part of the reform needed for U.S. patent system
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IT certifications can't measure capability

March 01, 2013
Governments want to define professionalism through certifications -- rather than community reputation built on real work
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Grabbing for the Python name, a hosting firm gets bitten

February 22, 2013
Over the Python Software Foundation's protests, POBox Hosting called its service 'Python Cloud' -- and saw a harsh reaction from the global open source developer community
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What you can learn from the monster LibreOffice project

February 15, 2013
More developers with varying skills, yet better code? More iterations, yet greater stability? It's happening with LibreOffice
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