Why Ubuntu Edge deserves your support

August 02, 2013
At $32 million, Canonical's audacious, ambitious crowdfunding project for the new Ubuntu phone is worth sponsoring
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How it measures up: SourceForge's new revenue sharing for developers

July 19, 2013
SourceForge is offering to share download revenue with open source developers. Here's how the plan stacks up
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GitHub finally takes open source licenses seriously

July 15, 2013
The Internet's favorite source code host responds to criticism that it's failing its users over licensing
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Oracle switches Berkeley DB license

July 05, 2013
Oracle had the right to change the BerkeleyDB license to AGPL, but many will view Oracle's switch as a betrayal of trust
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Open source projects aren't tax scams

June 28, 2013
IRS is eyeing open source projects and Tea Party groups as possible tax scams, raising a real question: Do open source foundations need nonprofit status?
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MySQL mistake is a wake-up call on open source ownership

June 21, 2013
So-called contributor agreements give corporate sponsors of open source projects too much power
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How to break out of PRISM

June 14, 2013
NSA scandal has exploded fears of being watched on the Internet, but a new website lists ways to escape the Panopticon
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7 patent reforms the White House should have proposed

June 07, 2013
The president's follow-up to his frank condemnation of patent trolls is welcome, but we need more
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Google's VP8 codec license is OK after all

May 31, 2013
Google caused confusion with talk of patents, but it turns out company's VP8 video codec is safe for open source use
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Ubuntu 'superphone' needs a superstrategy

May 24, 2013
In an interview, community manager Jono Bacon reveals strength -- and risk -- of Canonical's bold challenge to Google and Apple
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