Patent trolls, tread carefully in 2014

January 17, 2014
After 2013's seemingly never-ending litany of patent troll misdeeds, a turning point may be in store for 2014
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Patent trolls target their next victim: Cloud computing

January 13, 2014
Cloud computing's success has caught the attention of patent trolls -- so the Open Invention Networks is gearing for battle
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The NSA's other victim: U.S. business competitiveness

December 20, 2013
The impact of NSA intrusion on our civil liberties can't be overstated -- but damage to America's business reputation is serious, too
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Bitcoin: Open source money whose time has come

December 13, 2013
The recent bubble -- and reports of criminal activity -- may have scared off onlookers, but there's little question bitcoin has arrived
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On appeal, Oracle may beat Google and kill innovation

December 06, 2013
With Oracle v. Google, programmers won when courts said APIs could not be copyrighted; now that ruling may be reversed
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Big trolls vs. small trolls: The real battle behind patent reform

November 22, 2013
Rogue software patent trolls are the scourge of the tech industry. But the larger, better-dressed trolls don't get a pass either
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TrueCrypt or false? Would-be open source project must clean up its act

November 15, 2013
Security isn't TrueCrypt's only controversial point -- its claim to be open source doesn't hold water, either
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4 ways open source protects you against software patents

November 08, 2013
Upon 8th anniversary of Open Invention Network, let's count the ways open source defends against patent aggression
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Open source needs to clean up its language

November 01, 2013
The licensing terms 'weak copyleft,' 'strong copyleft,' and 'permissive' are confusing. Here are my proposed alternatives
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Don't be fooled by phony 'open source'

October 25, 2013
Companies that try to use some mutant form of open source to generate a contributor network effect are deluding themselves
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