Sony and Google gang up for an illegal video takedown

April 14, 2014
Sony's drive-by copyright takedown illustrates the harm old business models can do to new approaches like open source
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Microsoft opens .Net but misses the point with mobile

April 04, 2014
Unprecedented change continues to flow from Microsoft. But does the company really 'get it'?
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Microsoft and open source: Two steps forward, one step back

April 01, 2014
Office on the iPad and Hotmail contrition signal that Microsoft has hit a milestone in the journey toward open source licensing
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Open document standards will cure Apple's bit rot

March 21, 2014
Apple's iWork update won't let you access documents created as little as five years ago. The solution is obvious
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2014 is the year of the Linux desktop

March 14, 2014
Linux has unexpectedly made it to the desktop through mobile and cloud, but the unintended consequences are troubling
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My great bitcoin adventure: 6 months, 5 exchanges

March 07, 2014
Bitcoin's open source foundation is sound, but Bitstamp, CEX.IO, Coinbase, Kraken, Mt. Gox exchanges are uneven at best
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Open Source Initiative, Free Software Foundation unite against software patents

February 28, 2014
In rare joint move, OSI and FSF come together to file a U.S. Supreme Court briefing
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Facebook and WhatsApp: Another blow to user freedom

February 24, 2014
By acquiring half a billion new users, Facebook significantly increases centralization when we need more federation
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Open source startups: Don't try to be Red Hat

February 17, 2014
VCs are realizing the next billion-dollar software company won't make money from software, but from what open source enables it to deliver
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Retro repo SourceForge learns new tricks

February 07, 2014
Reacting to feedback, SourceForge has improved its revenue-sharing download service for open source projects
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