Archives: August 2013

Bye-bye Ballmer, hello open source? Microsoft's upcoming options

August 30, 2013
Despite early 'cancer' slur, Steve Ballmer has been investing in open source. Could his departure open doors at Microsoft?
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Nginx takes the slippery road away from open source

August 23, 2013
The popular upstart Web server released a proprietary Plus version this week. What could possibly go wrong?
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Jeff Hawkins: Where open source and machine learning meet big data

August 09, 2013
The Palm pioneer has turned to neuroscience and big data to create a path to truly intelligent machines -- a path open to the community's contributions
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Why Ubuntu Edge deserves your support

August 02, 2013
At $32 million, Canonical's audacious, ambitious crowdfunding project for the new Ubuntu phone is worth sponsoring
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