Archives: February 2013

Grabbing for the Python name, a hosting firm gets bitten

February 22, 2013
Over the Python Software Foundation's protests, POBox Hosting called its service 'Python Cloud' -- and saw a harsh reaction from the global open source developer community
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What you can learn from the monster LibreOffice project

February 15, 2013
More developers with varying skills, yet better code? More iterations, yet greater stability? It's happening with LibreOffice
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Federal hearing today marks turning point in war on software patents

February 08, 2013
A seemingly unassuming court hearing today could be the beginning of the end of software patents as we know them
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Has Microsoft finally embraced open source?

February 01, 2013
By implementing Git in its developer tools, Microsoft is using GPL-licensed software -- and perhaps ending its war on open source
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