Archives: November 2012

GitHub needs to take open source seriously

November 30, 2012
The legal details of copyright licensing are complex and off-putting -- but that doesn't mean they should be ignored
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Beware these open source lock-in schemes

November 27, 2012
Some vendors want you to think you're benefiting from open source when you're not. Keep an eye out for potential traps
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Control vs. influence: Which way for open source?

November 16, 2012
Organizations ferociously attempting to enforce controls around copyrights may end up alienating both users and developers in the process
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Stop patent mischief by curbing patent enforcement

November 09, 2012
To fix the patent problem, limit crackdowns to only the software that implements standards worth the industry's protection
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The download deception

November 02, 2012
Downloads are an interesting metric, but they reflect brand strength and market opportunity, not current success
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