Database tough love

August 03, 2009
Sometimes it's necessary to exercise tough love to get your systems running well
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Getting over layoff depression

July 28, 2009
You have to get over the depression from being laid off and find your next gig
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Microsoft Office 2010 Visual Studio debacle

July 23, 2009
Visual Studio stopped working in Office 2010, so Sean McCown switched back to Office 2007
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What to do when you're unemployed

July 20, 2009
Here are a few suggestions for keeping your skills sharp and making sure you're at the top of the list when the interviews start flowing again
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Microsoft may be taking security too seriously

July 17, 2009
What is Microsoft thinking when it deployd guards to interrupt a SQL Server presentation?
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When you should and shouldn't use PowerShell in SQL Server

July 13, 2009
PowerShell is cool, but it's not always appropriate. Here's a quick list to help you decide when to use it
, PowerShell
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What are disaster recovery plans for anyway?

July 09, 2009
A disaster recovery plan is useless if you're just doing it to pass your audit
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When troubleshooting a problem, it's important to ask the right questions

May 19, 2009
Know what you should ask users before troubleshooting -- it'll save you a lot of time
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How compatible is Katmai with Windows 7?

May 04, 2009
I tried an upgrade to Windows 7 with both Katmai and Visual Studio 2008 installed. How did it go?
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What if food were licensed like software?

April 06, 2009
Could you afford to feed your family if food were licensed like software?
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