SSIS architecture: Tips for package design

March 26, 2010
You can design your SSIS packages in various ways, but you should always keep your goals and other factors in mind
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SQL Server Management Objects: Finally ready for prime time

March 10, 2010
PowerShell gives DBAs a reason to begin using SMO for real, so now we'll find out about all the gory details
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Just call it an internal DoS attack

February 19, 2010
If unnecessarily heavy workloads are hitting your SQL box, it's time to start treating them like inside hacking jobs
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Are you a professional coder or a professional baby?

January 12, 2010
It's time developers grow up and stop making excuses -- and learn to code the right way
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A different type of disaster recovery

December 17, 2009
Have you made plans for recovering from those employees who leave a catastrophe in their wake?
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The last-minute Xmas wish list 2009

December 15, 2009
Here are some cool gifts for that special DBA in your life
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IT audits are useless

December 08, 2009
Auditors and IT seem to speak different languages, even when they're talking about the same data
DBMS, Compliance
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Be careful when following SSIS best practices

December 04, 2009
Don't blindly adhere to any old advice
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Is SQL Server's latest security hole a real threat?

September 09, 2009
Sentrigo discovered a new security hole in SQL Server, but so far Microsoft isn't paying attention. Let me show you why they should
DBMS, Hacking
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PragmaticWorks has some of the best BI training available

September 01, 2009
It's affordable and timely, and you never have to leave the house
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