7 indispensable project management tips

July 29, 2014
Good project managers are worth their weight in gold -- and earn their keep by following these best practices
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Prove it! Another security vendor claims 100 percent malware detection

July 22, 2014
A long line of security vendors has promised to detect all malware. Every last one failed. Can Trustwave break the mold?
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Windows admins get new tools against pass-the-hash attacks

July 15, 2014
Windows, Windows Server safer from pass-the-hash attacks. Score one for security admins -- if they follow other best practices, too
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5 reasons why software bugs still plague us

July 08, 2014
With the time and expense spent locking down code, most popular programs should be bulletproof -- yet hackers find a way
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Prepare yourself for high-stakes cyber ransom

July 01, 2014
A cloud startup was obliterated overnight by malicious hackers demanding ransom. Now everyone is a target. Here's your best defense
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The quantum cryptography arms race has begun

June 24, 2014
Quantum computing may be taking its time to arrive, but when it does, encryption won't be the same again
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Stop sneaky hackers from launching DMA attacks

June 17, 2014
Traveling to cyber spying hotbeds? Then beware of hackers compromising your system via DMA attacks
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Nowhere to hide: The reign of cyber criminals is coming to an end

June 10, 2014
Law enforcement is catching the modern-day Bonnies and Clydes on a regular basis
Cyber Crime
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5 lessons from companies that get computer security right

June 03, 2014
Computer security is in tatters -- but not everywhere. Learn from the companies that know what they're doing
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5 ways computer security has truly advanced

May 27, 2014
Security isn't all gloom and doom. Amid the progress today, these four developments in particular have made us safer
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