5 reasons I'm not too upset over Cryptogeddon

September 10, 2013
No one likes government spying, but those sounding a red alert need to think through the implications more carefully
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The perfect security defense is right under our noses

September 03, 2013
We can develop and deploy the equivalent of a cloud-connected security expert on every computer -- and stop the bad guys cold
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Quantum cryptography is the last, best defense

August 27, 2013
When quantum computing finally lands, all encryption will be open -- unless you're protected with quantum cryptography
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Don't fall prey to ad networks peddling dicey links

August 20, 2013
If your website accepts links from third parties -- such as ad networks -- make sure they don't lead to malicious sites
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Anonymous is not anonymous

August 13, 2013
At this point, most of us would welcome shelter from the gaze of government cyber spies. Here are six reasons why that may be unattainable
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Detect the undetectable: Start with event logs

August 06, 2013
Security event monitoring systems are often plagued by signal-to-noise problems. Here's how to ensure they produce meaningful alerts
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Should you create a separate, supersecure network?

July 30, 2013
A safe deposit box protects your valuables -- so why not shield your critical data in an ultrasecure network? It's not that simple
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Stop 80 percent of malicious attacks now

July 23, 2013
Guess which two pieces of unpatched software provide points of entry for most security breaches. (Hint: They're not Windows)
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The one security technology that actually works

July 16, 2013
Antivirus, perimeter defense, and network monitoring are jokes. But whitelisting works once you clear the political and logistical hurdles
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In his own words: Confessions of a cyber warrior

July 09, 2013
A longtime friend working as a cyber warrior under contract to the U.S. government provides a glimpse of the front lines
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