Should you switch to a supersecure operating system?

January 07, 2014
Qubes, a Linux OS, uses Xen to spawn multiple domains and promises to reduce risk with some extra effort. For most of us, the effort would be better spent elsewhere
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To detect 100 percent of malware, try whitelisting 'lite'

December 31, 2013
Few want to live with whitelisting's overhead and restrictions -- so run it in audit mode to detect all malware coming your way
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Lucky 2013: Count these 5 security blessings

December 23, 2013
Amid a spying scandal and endless corporate data breaches, blessings might seem in short supply. But these five bright spots will cheer you up
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Where pass-the-hash attacks could be hiding

December 17, 2013
Windows computer and service accounts, as opposed to user accounts, can be especially vulnerable to hash theft. Here's how to reduce the risk
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Zero-day exploits: Separating fact from fiction

December 10, 2013
You may be surprised by the number and availability of zero-days, but that's no reason to let an attack catch you unprepared
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7 essentials for creating a greenfield environment

December 03, 2013
Perhaps your network is so badly compromised or bedraggled that you need to start from scratch. Here's how to go about it
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The 10 Windows group policy settings you need to get right

November 26, 2013
Configure these 10 group policy settings carefully, and you can expect better Windows security across the office
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NSA spying will ultimately benefit us all

November 19, 2013
The relentless migration to the cloud requires strong encryption. Customers will demand it -- and snooping will be deterred
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4 reasons BadBIOS isn't real

November 12, 2013
Did a noted security researcher find a superbug -- or go crazy? In light of the facts, supposed existence of BadBIOS doesn't add up
Security, Malware
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Patch first, ask questions later

November 05, 2013
You'll never have a perfectly patched environment, so play the odds -- patch software hit most by successful exploits first
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