The firestorm over firewalls

May 17, 2012
Two days ago I declared that it was time to deep-six the firewall; the rebuttals were fast and furious. Here's my response
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Why you don't need a firewall

May 15, 2012
Once, firewalls were useful for certain types of attacks. Now they're more trouble than they're worth -- and create a false sense of security into the bargain
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Why you can't dump Java (even though you want to)

May 08, 2012
So many recent exploits have used Java as their attack vector, you might conclude Java should be shown the exit
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Pick your strategy for BYOD

May 01, 2012
You can't control everything -- nor should you try. To reduce the risk posed by mobile devices, focus on securing data
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Cyber crime not a big deal? Get real

April 24, 2012
InfoWorld's Bill Snyder interprets a recent Microsoft report to mean that cyber crime stats are wildly inflated. If anything, those stats underestimate the problem
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Spoiler alert: Your TV will be hacked

April 17, 2012
With rising popularity of Internet-enabled TVs, the usual array of attacks and exploits will soon be coming to a screen near you
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Did the Mac malware wake-up call fall on deaf ears?

April 16, 2012
Many Mac users still refuse to understand what the successful Flashback attack really means. Here's a rational response to their objections
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Malware wake-up call for Mac users

April 13, 2012
The Flashback threat represents new phase in Mac malware -- one that follows the surging popularity of the Mac platform
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Data security in a BYOD world

April 10, 2012
Sure, you'd like every mobile device in your organization to be securely managed -- but it's not going to happen. Here's how to deal with unmanaged devices
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If you do the cyber crime, expect to do the time

April 03, 2012
Hackers, bot operators, and spammers beware -- the law has finally caught up with cyber criminals
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