What you need to know about firmware attacks

August 07, 2012
Recent alerts suggest hackers may be taking a closer look at your hardware's firmware. Here's how to defend yourself
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Suing software vendors is no security fix

July 31, 2012
Fewer software vulnerabilities and more lawsuits won't rid us of security problems on the Internet
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Vendors should not be liable for their security flaws

July 24, 2012
Few tech vendors or content producers do everything they can to eliminate security flaws, but changing the rules isn't the answer
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Secure or not? 10 spot checks will tell you

July 17, 2012
You don't need a high-powered consultant to determine whether your security sucks. Try this simple checklist instead
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How to have BYOD and security, too

July 10, 2012
Put a standard security assessment framework in place, and you can begin to wrestle with the knotty problems BYOD presents
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Why BYOD scares me

July 03, 2012
BYOD is an epic battle in the ongoing war of usability against security -- and usability is winning out
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RSA token attack obscures deeper security flaws

June 28, 2012
Authentication will always have holes -- which is why you should focus on limiting the damage after bad guys gain access
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The two most feared attacks and how to avoid them

June 26, 2012
Large organizations with ample resources quake in their boots over two common security threats. Here's your best defense
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How to restrict developers' admin rights

June 19, 2012
Security must dial down the number of people with system administrator rights -- including developers, even if their productivity suffers
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16 security problems bigger than Flame

June 12, 2012
Flame has proven a complex piece of malware, but if it were to disappear today, the Internet would just as insecure
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