Your quick guide to malware types

October 23, 2012
Think you know your malware? Here's a refresher to make sure you know what you're talking about -- with basic advice about what to do when you've been hit
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5 signs you've been hit with an advanced persistent threat

October 16, 2012
Do you have valuable data on your network? Noticing odd network behavior? You could be the victim of an APT attack
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Stay ahead of the security curve -- and keep your job

October 09, 2012
It's tough to hit a fast-moving target. Check out these security resources and strategies to keep your security skills sharp
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Eric Cole: Interview with a remarkable security guru

October 02, 2012
Eric Cole, who has worked with the SANS Institute for 13 years, offers his unique perspective on computer security -- with an emphasis on common-sense segmentation
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How to secure the Internet with a single service

September 25, 2012
We're a small step away from deploying simple DNS-like service that could largely fix security without fancy new tech
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Brand-new hardware -- now with malware pre-installed!

September 20, 2012
Normally, malware is an Internet phenomenon. But a recent Microsoft study reveals even new PCs and electronic gear may carry infection
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The 3 biggest mistakes made by security pros

September 11, 2012
Here's the flip side of last week's post on security missteps made by senior management. The takeaway? Know your priorities and work down the list -- now
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3 security mistakes your management is making now

September 05, 2012
The same security missteps play out again and again. Why can't management focus on the practices that actually lower risk?
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Doomsday malware: It's only a matter of time

August 28, 2012
The most destructive malware hasn't made it into the wild yet -- and when it does, it'll put today's 'supermalware' to shame
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Windows 8 takes security to the next level

August 21, 2012
Say what you like about the new Windows 8 GUI, the new security features put Windows 8 way ahead of the competition
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