Archives: May 2014

5 ways computer security has truly advanced

May 27, 2014
Security isn't all gloom and doom. Amid the progress today, these four developments in particular have made us safer
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6 things security pros keep getting wrong

May 20, 2014
Nobody's perfect -- especially computer security professionals. Fortunately, there's a pattern to the mistakes. Here are some of the most common ones to watch for
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Want 'perfect' security? Then threat data must be shared

May 13, 2014
Today we have all kinds of organizations tracking various slices of the threatscape. A concerted effort to pool all that data would form a new bulwark against attack
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Don't let the latest zero-day fool you

May 06, 2014
The Internet Explorer exploit patched by Microsoft last week was serious stuff, but, if you're prioritizing holes to plug, browser vulnerabilities shouldn't be first on the list
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