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5 takeaways from Verizon's 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report

April 29, 2014
If there's one security report you should read every year, this is it. Trends include rising corporate espionage, more frequent ATM compromises, and improved hack detection
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The sky is falling! Hackers target satellites

April 22, 2014
IOActive reports finds serious risks -- and slim prospects for fixes -- in satellite communications
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The right way to secure the Internet of things

April 15, 2014
Security products and practices will be reinvented to protect the Internet of things, but the real solution centers on a simple idea
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The Heartbleed OpenSSL flaw is worse than you think

April 10, 2014
On a scale of 1 to 10, this vulnerability is an 11. Here are the steps to take to thoroughly protect yourself from this OpenSSL bug
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Repeat after me: Model your security threats first

April 08, 2014
Organizations often deploy defenses before they know which attacks will nail them. A new book helps security pros model those threats and design defenses
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Protect your source code before it's too late

April 01, 2014
Developers still use primitive security measures, despite many examples of stolen or maliciously modified programs
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