Archives: January 2014

13 tough questions about computer security

January 28, 2014
Security novices often ask great questions, and these student queries elicit responses worth a short security course
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Patching has failed, so it's time for Java to go

January 22, 2014
Oracle pushes out Java patches promptly, but organizations don't install them; wholesale removal of Java is the only sensible answer
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NSA's backdoors are real -- but prove nothing about BadBIOS

January 14, 2014
NSA hacks are consistent with security researcher Dragos Ruiu's claims about BadBIOS, but too many questions persist
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Should you switch to a supersecure operating system?

January 07, 2014
Qubes, a Linux OS, uses Xen to spawn multiple domains and promises to reduce risk with some extra effort. For most of us, the effort would be better spent elsewhere
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