Archives: October 2013

With security, prayer is not the answer

October 29, 2013
To apply the right countermeasures, you need hard data about the attacks you face and the weaknesses in your defenses, not just blind faith
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Don't put all your faith in smart cards

October 22, 2013
Smart cards bolster authentication, but they're hardly a panacea for your company's security questions
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'Jump boxes' improve security, if you set them up right

October 15, 2013
It's a good idea to set up an ultrasecure computer as a bridge to log on to other PCs, but serious protections must be in place
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Is your security vendor colluding with the NSA?

October 08, 2013
Encryption software using EC_DRBG random number generator could provide backdoor for NSA to snoop on protected data
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Windows 8.1 stops pass-the-hash attacks

October 01, 2013
Microsoft has armor-plated Windows 8.1 against the most feared attack on the planet. Here are the nitty-gritty details you need to know
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