Archives: June 2013

Why bug bounties aren't a cure for broken software

June 25, 2013
Microsoft joins other vendors in rewarding those who privately report software vulnerabilities -- but that may not reduce customer risk
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It's over: All private data is public

June 18, 2013
Enough about the NSA -- any hacker worthy of the name can snatch your 'private' data. Either stop entrusting it to anyone or chill out
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Boost your Internet security with DNSSec

June 11, 2013
DNS has been around so long, opportunities to use it as an attack vector are rife. Here's how to lock it down painlessly
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Don't trust anonymous e-currencies like Bitcoin

June 04, 2013
The Liberty Reserve debacle cast a new light on Bitcoin, but even well-maintained e-currencies aren't worth the risk
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