Archives: April 2013

How to fend off aggressive white-hat hackers

April 30, 2013
Nice little business you have there, but it has vulnerabilities. It would be a shame if anything happened to it. Can I help?
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5 hot security defenses that don't deliver

April 23, 2013
We'd all love to have a magic bullet to stop hackers, but these five defenses won't do the trick, despite what you've been told
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Beyond honeypots: It takes a honeytoken to catch a thief

April 16, 2013
Honeypots tell you who's attacking. But to catch individuals -- including suspected insiders -- honeytokens let you home in
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No honeypot? Don't bother calling yourself a security pro

April 09, 2013
Deploy one of these honeypots and you'll soon find out who's attacking you -- and devise a strong defense to fight back
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The two steps to radically better security

April 02, 2013
Stop wasting your money and do computer security right with two common-sense practices
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