Archives: January 2013

Cyber crime sentencing is out of whack

January 29, 2013
Cyber crime detection and punishment has made great strides, but as the Aaron Swartz tragedy illustrates, some prosecutors must be reigned in
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How app stores make you safer -- to a point

January 22, 2013
The growth of app stores has neutralized many old-school malware threats, but it's introduced several risks too
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Just patch Java? Easier said than done

January 16, 2013
You'd think the seriousness of the latest Java threat would force companies to patch or turn off Java in a hurry. It's not that simple
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What the latest Java flaw really means

January 15, 2013
As the firestorm around the zero-day Java flaw swirls higher, here's what you need to know -- and do -- about this extraordinary threat
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How the pros sniff out a malware infection

January 08, 2013
You can't be certain your system is malware-free unless you reformat and reinstall -- and you'll get a superclean PC in the process
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