Archives: July 2014

V is for Verizon, void of values

July 29, 2014
Fresh from its anti-Net neutrality efforts, Verizon wants to change the rules again to the detriment of longtime users
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The making of a Microsoft CEO: Layoffs and lip service

July 22, 2014
Satya Nadella steps up his game with textbook MBA moves and massive layoffs, but the benefit to Microsoft remains to be seen
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Introducing MindRDR: When Google Glass isn't invasive enough

July 14, 2014
Google Glass's creepiness factor ticks up another notch with MindRDR, which feeds off your brain waves
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Honk if you love smart cars -- and viruses and hacks and data leaks

July 07, 2014
If your smartphone/tablet/computer addiction isn't enough, wait till two tons of mobile distraction take over the streets
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