Archives: June 2014

Dumb apps equal big bucks in Silicon Valley's new math

June 24, 2014
Stupid is the new smart, as Silicon Valley throws money at apps that are so ridiculous, they'll make you cry
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Fire Phone: Amazon's direct line to your data, dreams, and desires

June 19, 2014
Does the Fire Phone put Amazon in your pocket -- or does it put you in Amazon's pocket? All signs point to the latter
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Hewlett-Packard's 'Machine': Vaporware, meet empty suit

June 13, 2014
Congrats to HP for announcing a nonexistent computer running on an imaginary OS. Our lives will never be the same
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Meet the NBA's newest rookie: Steve Ballmer

June 03, 2014
With his bid for the Los Angeles Clippers, Microsoft's former head honcho claims the league's best victory dance
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