Archives: November 2013

Microsoft books 'Pawn Stars' to power reality-distortion field

November 27, 2013
Much like reality TV, Microsoft's anti-Chromebook ads overlook several facts about Google -- and Microsoft itself
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The feds' guide to bringing down a hacker from the inside

November 25, 2013
Jeremy Hammond faces 10 years in prison for hacking Stratfor Global, but many details of his conviction don't add up
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Pray for the blue swamp -- and other Microsoft mysteries revealed

November 22, 2013
Who's feeding the patent trolls? What's inside Google's ships? What else smells besides a Dell? Submit your conspiracy theories below
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Jailbreak a phone, go to jail: Copyright law, the TPP way

November 21, 2013
Even more examples of ill-informed thinking lurk in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the SOPA/CISPA/PIPA redux
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Welcome to the Internet of things. Please check your privacy at the door

November 18, 2013
Your smart devices are talking about you, and they have a lot to say. This time, opting out may not be an option
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Snapchat to Facebook: $3 billion isn't cool. You know what's cool?

November 15, 2013
Walking away from $3 billion -- or maybe $4 billion, says the grapevine. Surely, the dot-com bubble must burst now. Right?
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Microsoft pulls rank -- and makes its smartest move in years

November 13, 2013
Microsoft ditches stack ranking in employee reviews, but Machiavellian system reigns at Yahoo, Google, and Facebook
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It's spooks vs. geeks in LinkedIn, Slashdot hacks

November 11, 2013
Alongside world leaders, diplomats, and investigative journalists, everyday engineers join list of targets for cyber spies
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Move over, Clippy -- there's a new Microsoft spokesmodel in town

November 08, 2013
Microsoft hopes an anime superteen will fire up interest in Internet Explorer 11. How could it possibly fail?
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Twitter's transformation: Ugly duckling is now Internet swan

November 06, 2013
On eve of its IPO, it's easy to forget how far Twitter has come -- and how much it's changed our dialog
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