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John McAfee wants to save us from the NSA

September 30, 2013
Between posting saucy videos and juggling girlfriends, world's most interesting geek debuts D-Central, an anti-spying device
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Welcome to Larry Ellison's lifestyle of the rich and shameless

September 27, 2013
Love or hate him, Oracle's CEO/co-founder can make a splash, whether at OpenWorld, America's Cup, or points in between
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Show of hands: Who hasn't hacked Apple's Touch ID?

September 25, 2013
Turns out that fingers (real and fake) are just one way to unlock an iPhone 5s; noses, toes, and other body parts also apply
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LinkedIn lawsuit exposes amateur moves of 'professional' network

September 23, 2013
LinkedIn denies hacking users' email accounts, as claimed in class-action suit, but its current policies aren't above reproach
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This iPhone security flaw may give you paws

September 20, 2013
Yes, your cat can unlock your new iPhone 5s. But millions of Apple faithful will still robotically upgrade to the latest/greatest
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Google vs. the Grim Reaper in the fight for your life

September 18, 2013
Google takes on death itself with Calico, its new data-driven company on a mission to extend the human lifespan
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It's a science fact: Ig Nobels are the best awards on the planet

September 16, 2013
Outta the way, Oscars! Vamoose, VMAs! With mouse costumes and beer goggle research, Ig Nobels steal the award spotlight
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Can artificial intelligence save Windows Phones?

September 13, 2013
Microsoft's mobile AI assistant may put Apple's Siri and Google Now to shame, even make Windows Phones sexy. Did I really just write that?
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Apple's special event, minus the special

September 11, 2013
They're colorful, they're fast, they're utterly boring: Meet the new iPhones, not terribly different than the old iPhones
Cringely, iOS, iPhone
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No one said it would be easy to disrupt Amazon

September 09, 2013
But one e-book device maker dares to stand up to the Goliath that buried Barnes & Noble, ate up the Washington Post
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