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In case you need another reason to hate Google Glass

August 30, 2013
Wearable PC stars in a Silicon Valley scandal involving Google co-founder. Say, Sergey, how do you feel about privacy now?
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It's official: We all speak geek now

August 28, 2013
Geek domination steams along, as 'phablet,' 'srsly,' and 'selfie' land in Oxford Dictionaries Online's list of new words for 2013
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Ballmer 2.0: We can rebuild him

August 26, 2013
Did Ballmer jump? Or was he pushed? Regardless, Cringely the career counselor is happy to point Microsoft's departing leader toward his next gig
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See you, Steve: 5 could-be, would-be Ballmers to consider

August 23, 2013
It finally happened: Steve Ballmer is stepping down as Microsoft CEO. Who will succeed him? Cringely has a few ideas
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We must destroy data to protect it, aka the MI5 way

August 21, 2013
James Bond today: Licensed to kill, pulverize hard drives, shred memory chips, and intimidate partners, all for the war on terror
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Hacker: I pwned Zuckerberg; at least give me a stupid T-shirt

August 19, 2013
When Facebook fails to pay $500 bug bounty, hacker goes public -- by hacking Zuckerberg's Facebook account
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No winners in Google-Microsoft spat, but one clear loser: Users everywhere

August 16, 2013
Not content to fight over, er, everything, tech giants battle over YouTube and HTML -- at the expense of the user experience
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Windows RT? More like Windows WTF

August 14, 2013
How did Microsoft miss so badly with Windows RT? By putting its own needs ahead of its users' requirements
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Hint to HTC: Iron Man alone won't save your company

August 12, 2013
Congrats to Robert Downey Jr. on his new gig hawking HTC. Can he also fix glitches plaguing Cringely and other HTC users?
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Personal email and private clouds fall in war on privacy

August 09, 2013
Not content to track smartphone and Internet use, the industrial surveillance state claims two more casualties
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