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BlackBerry 10: Who it's really for

January 30, 2013
BlackBerry unveiled its first new mobile handsets in 18 months, but smartphone users may not be the real market it's after
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First Facebook, next Apple? Twitter's future is tangled up in Vine

January 28, 2013
Twitter's video sharing app has kicked up a kerfuffle with Facebook; now its fate may rest squarely in the hands of Apple
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Google provides a smorgasbord of your data for the government's snooping eyes

January 24, 2013
Google's Transparency Report shows governments worldwide are hungry for your gData -- none more than Uncle Sam
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Don't call it a comeback: Megaupload goes legit

January 22, 2013
The notorious Kim Dotcom is spurning piracy for privacy with Mega, a digital locker service, but lots of legal questions remain
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Aaron Swartz: A life remembered, a legacy debated

January 18, 2013
Is Aaron Swartz a martyr, crook, or coward? Depends on whom you ask
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What's the big deal about Facebook's new search tool? Search me

January 16, 2013
It slices! It dices! Facebook's Graph Search will change life as we know it! Unless it doesn't
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Today we are all Aaron Swartz

January 14, 2013
The suicide of the 26-year-old hacktivist highlights how our technophobic government demonizes geeks
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The writing is posted on Facebook's wall

January 11, 2013
Disgruntled users, unimpressed youth spell bad news for the social networking giant -- no matter what it's planning to announce next week
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CES 2013: Hey Qualcomm, you forgot the tech

January 09, 2013
Did you hear? Qualcomm's keynote featured Steve Ballmer, Big Bird, and 'Star Trek' -- too bad no one remembers the tech
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Windows 8 takes a licking, but keeps on ticking

January 07, 2013
The debate over Windows 8 rages on, with both sides testifying -- and one user claiming it 'shimmers'
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