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The end of the Internet as we know it?

November 30, 2012
The world isn't ending, but the future of the Internet may be up for grabs at next week's meeting of the World Conference on International Telecommunications
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Scams and scares, brought to you by the fake news network

November 28, 2012
Google, Hurricane Sandy, and Kim Jong-Un have all been the subject of false reports gone viral -- better get used to it
Cringely, M&A
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The continuing story of John McAfee as told by John McAfee

November 26, 2012
Not satisfied with others telling his tale, antivirus legend takes to Twitter and social media, sharing glimpses of life on the lam
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Golden Gobblers 2012: A year in digital dodos

November 21, 2012
So many birdbrains, so little time -- but Cringely manages to round up several specimens who deserve to be roasted
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Hollywood whodunit: What's eating emails in iCloud?

November 19, 2012
A reader in show biz discovers Apple is sending his PDFs to email hell -- all because of the phrase 'barely legal teens'
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Twitter shaming: There's no app for that

November 16, 2012
App maker Enfour tried to embarrass users who'd pirated its pricey dictionary programs, but ended up humiliating itself
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The real lesson from the Pentagon sex scandal: Your email, your liability

November 14, 2012
Once again, smoking gun emails take down the high and mighty. The scariest part? How easy it was to do it
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Profit is Samsung's best revenge against Apple

November 12, 2012
Like a petulant pubescent, Apple again apologizes to Samsung -- but no backsies, no slouching, and no whining this time
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Unleashed! Project Orca, the campaign killer whale

November 09, 2012
Big data fails big time for the Romney camp as its smartphone app crashes spectacularly, right on schedule for Election Day
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The winner of this year's presidential election: Big data

November 07, 2012
The reason Obama won wasn't the economy, foreign policy, or women's issues -- it's the data, stupid
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