Archives: October 2012

Windows 8 pirates: No noose is good noose

October 08, 2012
Are the BBC, CNN, and Wikipedia distributing illegal copies of Windows 8? Nope, it's just another example of the Copyright Cartel gone wild
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Facebook hit 1 billion users, and all it got was this lousy ad

October 05, 2012
World's largest social network celebrates major milestone -- one overshadowed by its own confusing commercial
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In search of another Steve Jobs

October 03, 2012
Almost a year ago, Steve Jobs left this earth. Will we ever see another like him? Cringely takes a look at the usual suspects
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From Russia with love: A new browser

October 01, 2012
Russia's top search engine, Yandex, now has its own Chrome-like browser. Watch your back, Google -- the Russians are coming
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