Welcome to the Internet of things. Please check your privacy at the door

November 18, 2013
Your smart devices are talking about you, and they have a lot to say. This time, opting out may not be an option
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Snapchat to Facebook: $3 billion isn't cool. You know what's cool?

November 15, 2013
Walking away from $3 billion -- or maybe $4 billion, says the grapevine. Surely, the dot-com bubble must burst now. Right?
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Microsoft pulls rank -- and makes its smartest move in years

November 13, 2013
Microsoft ditches stack ranking in employee reviews, but Machiavellian system reigns at Yahoo, Google, and Facebook
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It's spooks vs. geeks in LinkedIn, Slashdot hacks

November 11, 2013
Alongside world leaders, diplomats, and investigative journalists, everyday engineers join list of targets for cyber spies
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Move over, Clippy -- there's a new Microsoft spokesmodel in town

November 08, 2013
Microsoft hopes an anime superteen will fire up interest in Internet Explorer 11. How could it possibly fail?
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Twitter's transformation: Ugly duckling is now Internet swan

November 06, 2013
On eve of its IPO, it's easy to forget how far Twitter has come -- and how much it's changed our dialog
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Rockstar vs. Google and Samsung: The patent war goes to 11

November 04, 2013
Backed by Apple and Microsoft, Rockstar Consortium is latest patent troll on the block, with sights set on Android universe
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Urine luck: Dells may smell, but don't blame the Intercats

November 01, 2013
New Dell laptops may smell like Garfield's toilet, but it's just glue, not your puddy cat
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What's on tap at the NSA? Google's and Yahoo's private fiber backbones

October 30, 2013
The NSA is eavesdropping on overseas data links for Google and Yahoo, and it's now swimming in your data. But to what end?
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Shipshape or dead weight? Google's secret project sets sail

October 28, 2013
A floating data center? A windowless Google Glass store? Google's barge in the bay is drawing lots of speculation
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