It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your pink slip!

March 18, 2014
Like the machines and assembly lines before them, drones are poised to drive many of us to the unemployment line
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Sad, sexy, or self-sufficient, your robot overlords await

March 14, 2014
CeBIT? More like CeBOT, judging from the news and announcements at Europe's biggest electronics show
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Google? Evil? You have no idea

March 13, 2014
Brace yourself for an exhaustive rundown of Google's master plan and the company's ultimate goal
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Inside the muddled, misguided mind of a Windows XP holdout

March 11, 2014
Windows XP users have had six years to upgrade. It's time they stop schvitzing over the OS's end of life and move on
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RIP, RadioShack -- we don't know how good we had it

March 07, 2014
Supergeeks may scoff at brick-and-mortar stores, but these tech meccas were integral to hands-on interaction and discovery
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Railroads, superhighways, and the fight for fair access

March 06, 2014
How can we save Net neutrality from today's robber barons? By looking at strategies against yesterday's robber barons
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Microsoft: Misery sure loves this company

March 04, 2014
In the car, in the cloud, in the executive suite -- Microsoft can't seem to catch a break this week
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Yahoo breach exposes naked truth about online security

February 28, 2014
The umpteenth violation of our Internet privacy proves once again the dearth of common sense among us Web users
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Bitcoin grows up, Mt. Gox melts down: The crypto currency crapshoot

February 27, 2014
For bitcoin to succeed, Mt. Gox had to fail, and government regulation may be a blessing for the digital dinero
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Like it or not, the era of the wimpy CEO has arrived

February 25, 2014
Every generation gets the CEOs it deserves. In our case, that means the milquetoast likes of Zuckerberg, Schmidt, and others
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