Facebook fleeced -- er, lured by WhatsApp's promise of fresh data

February 21, 2014
Facebook is hoping there's gold in them thar data mines as it hands over $19 billion to the messaging startup
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From Android to AI: Google's bot plot revealed

February 19, 2014
Google and Foxconn are paving the way for our eventual overlords. Kinda makes you long for Amazon drones, doesn't it?
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Glimmer of hope or dying embers? Net neutrality flares up again

February 13, 2014
Politicos get behind Net neutrality with the Open Internet Preservation Act of 2014, but the real power lies with us
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Let us now bury Sony and Flappy Bird, not praise them

February 11, 2014
Unlike those quitters, real tech leaders like Microsoft, AOL, and Dell hang on, market share and analyst reaction be damned
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Did you hear the one about the tech-savvy senator?

February 07, 2014
Trick question: They don't exist! Yet they still try to enact stupid laws governing technology they don't understand
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Microsoft is saved! But the CEO sweepstakes rage on

February 06, 2014
Microsoft has nabbed Satya Nadella, but Amazon, Apple, Uber, and others can still get in on prime C-suite talent
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The future of mobile is stupid, futile -- and irresistible

February 04, 2014
Flammable iPhones, LG's honking curved screens, Scentee's aromatherapy tech: Rest assured, we'll eat them all up
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Happy privacy news even paranoids could love

January 31, 2014
Perk up, buttercup -- the Blackphone and MIT researchers offer glimmers of hope amid our NSA- and hack-filled landscape
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Pwned and played: Big Brother is toying with our privacy

January 30, 2014
The spooks hit World of Warcraft; now they're infiltrating Angry Birds and sullying good Smurf names. Is nothing sacred?
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It's your data, dummy: Make every day Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2014
Even in these dark digital times, data privacy matters. These five basic rules can help keep you safer in the murky online world
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