Paging Sheldon Cooper! iCloud censorship hits 'Big Bang Theory'

March 08, 2013
In the meantime, Cringely suggests a work-around for Apple's skittish filters, gives ISP cops and Chromebooks another look
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E.U. to Microsoft: Brother, can you spare a dime?

March 06, 2013
European Commission's itty-bitty fine on Microsoft skirts real need: Holding crooked execs responsible for their actions
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Congrats, Apple sleuths, for 'breaking' a four-month-old story

March 04, 2013
Lots of bloggers fumed at Apple and iCloud's adverse reaction to 'barely legal teen' -- all while ignoring the original source
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Google Glass: Only real men need apply

March 01, 2013
Ready for Google Glass? Better check your testosterone levels first. While you're at it, see if you pass Cringely's tech wimp test
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ISPs whiff on protecting copyrights, customers with 'six strikes' system

February 27, 2013
The new Copyright Alert System leaves customers exposed to baseless lawsuits, bandwidth throttling, and more
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Tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks power Netscape's unlikely revenge

February 25, 2013
Microsoft crushed Netscape the first time around, but the old browser maker's predictions for mobile tech are coming true
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Yahoo: Hey, look, we can be infinite and social too

February 21, 2013
Fresh, mobile-friendly face or lipstick on an aging pig? The jury's out on CEO Marissa Mayer's Yahoo home page redesign
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Chinese cyber spies: Pwning U.S. businesses since 2006

February 19, 2013
What oversees 1 billion citizens, a cyber spy army, and hacks of Coca-Cola and Lockheed Martin? China's government, says Mandiant security
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Data does the dirty work as Tesla takes it to the Times

February 15, 2013
Tesla escalates its battle with the New York Times, but the carmaker's data dump raises as many questions as answers
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The real lessons of Tesla's PR disaster

February 13, 2013
Tesla CEO Elon Musk accuses the New York Times of trying to kill the electric car -- but ignores deeper problems
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