What could be worse than the IRS's grubby hands? Its spying eyes

April 11, 2013
The tax cops may or may not be reading your emails without a warrant, but the bloggers have already issued their verdict
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Think cyber crime laws are bad now? Wait till you see the latest proposals

April 08, 2013
Congress is revising the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act -- in the worst way possible. It's time to fix the CFAA, the right way
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Facebook Home: An app you don't want to connect to friends you don't have

April 05, 2013
Facebook's new mobile app wants to get up close and personal with your phone. But is it enough to cure Facebook fatigue?
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Straight from Tim Cook's brain, it's tomorrow's Apple headlines today

April 03, 2013
That is, if you believe all the blog talk about biometric iPhones, a 'Playboy' app, and the impending iWatch
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Every day is April Fools' Day on the Internet

April 01, 2013
Google Glasses? Facebook phones? Yahoo buys Summly? Sometimes it's hard to tell the pranks from the pretenders
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More lives than Lazarus: Internet bounces back against spammers

March 29, 2013
From DDoSing spammers to Egyptian cable hackers, the Net has been under steady attack -- yet it's still standing
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Come back, civility -- the Internet misses you

March 27, 2013
Hysteria on the Internet? You don't say! But recent NSF and PyCon outbursts exposes need for cooler heads, saner days
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CISPA's second serving is even worse than the first

March 25, 2013
Congress is again considering the controversial cyber security bill, which remains just as hungry for your private information
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Google, Amazon, and Apple: Tech behemoths behaving badly

March 22, 2013
Wi-Fi spies, rogue hackers, ICANN buffoons, unethical journalists, and Apple prudes -- it's been a busy few weeks
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Here lies Web journalism, dead at the hand of the almighty advertiser

March 20, 2013
The fine line between shills and scribes is disappearing fast as cleverly disguised 'sponsored content' displaces real news
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