Windows 8 as New Coke? That's an insult to New Coke

May 13, 2013
Windows 8's new nickname is catching on, but unlike Coca-Cola, Microsoft isn't about to admit its mistake
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DRM sinks its fangs into HTML5, with help from Netflix, Google, and Microsoft

May 10, 2013
Backed by new allies, content cartel revives specter of digital rights management in a battle over emerging HTML5 standards
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Copyright trolls feel wrath of Khan, Klingons, Romulans, and Starfleet

May 08, 2013
What's better than a judge who calls out slimy copyright trolls on their scams? One who nails them with 'Star Trek' references
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Happy birthday to LinkedIn, the biggest social network no one uses

May 06, 2013
The 10-year-old network has more users and higher profits than ever -- thanks in large part to spammy marketing tactics
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Google Glass: Finally, a justifiable reason for a punch in the face

May 03, 2013
Early reviews are in, and Google's high-tech specs are a hit -- if you're an overprivileged elitist dork
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EFF reports reveals tech's loosest lips, tightest grips

May 01, 2013
EFF rates how Apple, AT&T, Google, Twitter, and more share data with Uncle Sam -- see which tech leaders come out on top
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Now playing: Must-see TV from ... Microsoft?

April 29, 2013
Microsoft's latest commercial for Windows Phone 8 takes aim at Apple and Android fanboys -- and hits a bull's-eye
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Hacked off: When the prison time doesn't fit the cyber crime

April 26, 2013
LulzSec, Windows 8, Margaret Thatcher, and Gollum also vie for attention in the latest love letters to Cringely -- so dig in
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Breaking bad: The problem with news on Twitter

April 24, 2013
Yesterday's hack of the Associated Press Twitter account is a symptom of a much larger problem: our addiction to speed
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Welcome to the great Internet blackout of 2013 -- now resume your browsing

April 22, 2013
What if you called for an Internet blackout and no one turned off? Anonymous found out in today's protest against CISPA
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