Facts and fiction, secrets and sci-fi: Breaking down the NSA

June 10, 2013
Keep your tin hat handy -- here's what we know and don't know about the National Security Agency's massive spying program
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NSA to everyone: Take your PRISM, it's good for you

June 07, 2013
Is this 2013 or 1984? It's hard to tell when reports say national security services are delving into our private Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft accounts
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Verizon subscribers, feeling paranoid? Because you are being watched

June 06, 2013
Secret court documents reveal the U.S. government is spying on millions of Verizon customers -- and probably the rest of us too
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Batten down the hatches -- it's Microsoft reorg season

June 03, 2013
Steve Ballmer has a plan to counter Carnival cruise levels of disarray at Microsoft, but the real change must start at the top
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Your 2013 Internet habits: More YouTube and Snapchat, less Facebook and Windows

May 30, 2013
Also, China is winning, mobile devices mesmerize, and you're fat, says a Kleiner Perkins report on the state of the Net
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Today's malware attack has been brought to you by the RIAA

May 28, 2013
High-profile panel suggests major escalation in war on intellectual property thieves. Guess who's behind this lunacy
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Xbox One: The one Xbox to rule them all

May 24, 2013
Games, TV, streaming video -- the Xbox One does it all as Microsoft's PC for the living room. Whether that's a good thing isn't so clear
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How low can they go? ISPs hit new depths in customer satisfaction

May 22, 2013
New survey confirms what most of us know: When it comes to pleasing consumers, ISPs scrape the bottom of the barrel
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Now that Yahoo owns Tumblr, where will all the cool kids hang out?

May 20, 2013
Marissa Mayer bets $1.1B that Tumblr will give Yahoo a boost of youthful enthusiasm. Why not? Nothing else has worked
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Assimilated and illogical, or how we really feel about LinkedIn and Windows 8

May 17, 2013
Also, how to resist the DRM borg and more 23rd-century wisdom, all from Captain Cringely's starlog
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