Your July 4 essentials: BBQ, fireworks, and the Fourth Amendment

July 03, 2013
On Independence Day, the Internet will rise again in protest, this time over NSA spying. But will Congress listen?
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Beware of Internet trolls in sheep's clothing

July 01, 2013
You say got hacked? Think again -- apparently, it's just a group of Internet trolls indulging in 'performance art'
Cringely, Hacking
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Sean Parker spent $5M on his wedding and all he got was a heap of Internet shaming

June 28, 2013
Can't a guy catch a break for his tacky, wasteful, Tolkien-tinged nuptials? The Facebook billionaire pleads his case
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Meet the new mainstream media: YouTube and Twitter

June 26, 2013
Last night, while the whole world wasn't watching, the Internet replaced cable news. It's been a long time coming
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Is Facebook really the 'Borg of the digital world'?

June 25, 2013
Or are some people addicted to paranoia? The lesson from Facebook's latest data breach: Don't confuse stupidity with evil
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Listen up, NSA -- we want to be heard

June 21, 2013
From Snowden to security to surveillance, privacy to protection, Cringely's readers have lots to say on these topics and more
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Google's Project Loon stakes out no-NSA zone (we think)

June 19, 2013
Bummed out by all the NSA talk? Then lighten up with Project Loon, Google's balloon-based plan for worldwide Net access
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Snowden has answers, but NSA still holds the questions

June 17, 2013
The IT pro at the center of the NSA scandal held an online Q&A today. We'd tell you what he said, but then we'd have to kill you
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NSA, PRISM, and CISPA: The conspiracy behind the conspiracy

June 14, 2013
Remember CISPA? The NSA and PRISM disclosures shed new light on that terrible piece of cyber security legislation
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Your online privacy was doomed long before the NSA came along

June 12, 2013
Uproar over NSA obscures true tragedy: The fact that Congress and the courts knew and did nothing to protect our privacy
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