What else can Congress bungle? Their passwords, for starters

July 19, 2013
Data leak proves yet again that DC politicos are even less tech savvy than your grandma (no offense to grandmas)
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People who live in Google Glass houses shouldn't throw stones

July 17, 2013
A critical flaw could allow hackers to pwn Google's new ubergeek device. What was that about Microsoft's lax security?
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High-tech heroes and zeros: 2013's best and worst so far

July 15, 2013
Which tech newsmakers have made the biggest splash so far this year, and which have gone splat? Cringe has a few ideas
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Hackers to feds: Stay out of our Defcon (for now)

July 11, 2013
Thanks to the Snowden affair, government spooks have been uninvited from the hackers' big party in Vegas this summer
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Google to Microsoft: Patch faster, you slowpokes

July 10, 2013
Google's researchers have become a major force in uncovering Microsoft's vulnerabilities -- not always to Microsoft's liking
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MSN TV, we hardly knew ye

July 08, 2013
Microsoft is killing off its dial-up living room Internet service. Bet you forgot it was still around -- Cringely sure did
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Your July 4 essentials: BBQ, fireworks, and the Fourth Amendment

July 03, 2013
On Independence Day, the Internet will rise again in protest, this time over NSA spying. But will Congress listen?
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Beware of Internet trolls in sheep's clothing

July 01, 2013
You say NSA.gov got hacked? Think again -- apparently, it's just a group of Internet trolls indulging in 'performance art'
Cringely, Hacking
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Sean Parker spent $5M on his wedding and all he got was a heap of Internet shaming

June 28, 2013
Can't a guy catch a break for his tacky, wasteful, Tolkien-tinged nuptials? The Facebook billionaire pleads his case
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Meet the new mainstream media: YouTube and Twitter

June 26, 2013
Last night, while the whole world wasn't watching, the Internet replaced cable news. It's been a long time coming
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