Hint to HTC: Iron Man alone won't save your company

August 12, 2013
Congrats to Robert Downey Jr. on his new gig hawking HTC. Can he also fix glitches plaguing Cringely and other HTC users?
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Personal email and private clouds fall in war on privacy

August 09, 2013
Not content to track smartphone and Internet use, the industrial surveillance state claims two more casualties
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Watch the throne: The cruelest hack of all

August 07, 2013
Not even smart toilets are safe from hackers, nor are your smart cars, smart homes, smart anything. When will we wise up about security?
Cringely, Hacking
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Meet the new hackers: Johnny Law

August 05, 2013
Who just pwned the Tor anonymity network? All signs point to the hackers at the FBI
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Someone is spying on your Google searches -- but it's not who you think

August 02, 2013
The good news: The FBI and NSA may not be spying on your Internet activities. The bad news: Plenty of others can
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The myth of Do Not Track -- and the tragedy of Internet privacy

July 31, 2013
As yet another Do Not Track deadline slips away, so do our chances of limiting data collection and mining by advertisers
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It's never too early to plan for SysAdmin Day 2014

July 29, 2013
In case you didn't appreciate your loyal system administrator last week, there's still time to get in on the festivities
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Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and the war on whistleblowers

July 26, 2013
Uncle Sam is waging all-out war on whistleblowers, while those managing the exposed systems walk away without a scratch
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Here's to the Internet -- bringing out the worst in us since the 1990s

July 24, 2013
The real lesson of Weinergate: The Internet's scandal-penance-rebirth cycle is shorter than ever. And there's no turning back
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Together we can end the scourge of the Apple rumor machine

July 23, 2013
You know the Apple rumor mill has hit full tilt when word leaks of 'Terminator 2'-style iPhones. It's time to end the gossip cycle
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