Archives: April 2014

Sure disaster: How not to do the Internet of things

April 28, 2014
Network security shouldn't be a lowest-common-denominator game played by inexperienced manufacturers
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The Heartbleed recovery starts with you and me

April 21, 2014
As we pick up the pieces after the OpenSSL meltdown, let's all reflect on why a globally important open source project had only one full-time developer
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3 big lessons to learn from Heartbleed

April 14, 2014
The devastating OpenSSL vulnerability proves the importance of data center orchestration, the wisdom of running older versions, and the need to give back to the OpenSSL project
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Don't want to mix programming languages? You already do!

April 07, 2014
Multilingual development is already the norm, and every coder would be wise to embrace it
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