Archives: March 2014

You say Python, and I say Perl ...

March 31, 2014
Or rather, let's admit there's a right tool for every job, and the multilingual developer is painted into fewer corners
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Fatal abstraction: A bottom-up view of high-level languages

March 24, 2014
Can a low-level guy with a data center mindset find happiness with modern programming languages? I'm trying
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The joy of data center automation -- and its hidden dangers

March 17, 2014
Automating manual or repetitive tasks is a source of great satisfaction for admins, but great disasters may await
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Hey Verizon, we're not as stupid as you think we are

March 10, 2014
We definitely understand how networks function -- and why Verizon is blowing lots of hot air
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The simple, sensible -- and impossible -- fix for the Internet in the USA

March 03, 2014
The solution to our broadband woes is so fair and practical that it stands no chance of coming to fruition in the States
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