Rethinking application development in light of 'devops'

April 15, 2011
Is your IT organization prepared to tear down the wall between development and operations?
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Build for Android or iOS? There's no need to choose

April 08, 2011
Don't limit yourself when a mobile browser-based application can meet your company's needs, today and tomorrow
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Why open code is irrelevant to Android's success

April 01, 2011
Vendors, developers, and users are embracing Android for what it delivers, not how Google delivers the code
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OpenStack's (long) march toward an open foundation

March 25, 2011
Rackspace needs to beef up OpenStack's competitiveness and support before thinking about a foundation
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Red Hat's source code shift may hurt third-party support but help RHEL

March 18, 2011
Although some Linux proponents dislike Red Hat's new source code policy, they're necessary to fund RHEL development
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Open source and app stores: Where they mix, where they don't

March 11, 2011
GPLv2 is especially problematic for apps available via the Apple App Store and Windows Marketplace, but you have alternatives
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RIM's risky bet: Porting BlackBerry Messenger to Android, iPhone

March 04, 2011
Although BBM on non-BlackBerry devices would be great for users, it may not benefit RIM's revenue
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Why Canonical's commercial interests are good for Ubuntu

February 25, 2011
Growing criticism about Canonical bowing to commercial interests miss the overall benefit to customers and users
Linux, Ubuntu
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Lowering your IT costs by using others' excess capacity

February 18, 2011
SpotCloud offers an alternative -- that can earn IT money -- to Amazon's EC2, but consider these issues before you jump in
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Open source's emerging opportunity in BI

February 11, 2011
Accenture's survey of top IT trends shows that open source can be an enabler for all, but especially for analytics
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